The Bukele El Salvador phenomenon:

In 1492 the European invasion of Abya Yala began, with 3 caravels! Later from other countries in Europe!

It was implanted by force of torture, terror and death; a system of control of Original Peoples, throughout our Continent.

Then, well-defined systems were established, to keep us obedient to that system. Roman Law, Financial Systems, Ideologies like «the cult of the hero», and more.

Religion, the idea that politics benefits us, the powers of the state were forced into it; and whatever was necessary to maintain power and steal our resources!

Of sick invaders, one could only hope, Maleficence! The European is considered to be on top of Mother Earth; That is why Destroy !, the Indigenous knows that he is part of Nature and that is why he Builds!

But, in El Salvador, the hope of returning to the origin arose! A country Governed by its citizens / members of that people!

This phenomenon, which now seems unstoppable; is stimulating, to other countries of America; (as it is known, our continent in honor of Americo Vespucci, after the Invasion); initiate substantial changes, to achieve a dignified life and a better distribution of wealth! They have started the eradication of Maleficence!

The peoples are tired of being treated like slaves, generating wealth for a few crooks!

Who else will join this fight?

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